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Royal Tire will be your ally in tire management.  We will help you take a proactive approach to maintenance, by regularly inspecting your fleets to extend the life of your tires and save you money.  We use a snapshot survey system to give you detailed information that allows you to make sound decisions regarding tire related issues like:

  • Air pressure analysis
  • Life cycle mileage projections
  • Potential tire losses
  • Tire matching analysis
  • Tire performance
  • Cost per hour/Mile Analysis: Royal Tire will calculate cost by wheel position and profit center to establish a baseline to measure any changes on a monthly basis
  • Bandag Mileage Checker: Royal Tire will use this software and others to calculate which tread pattern is the most cost effective by wheel position and profit center within a year to capture all seasons on a monthly basis.
  • TMT Out of Service Analysis (OOSTA): Royal Tire recommends this survey to find any warranties or trends that can be prevented to help lower operating expenses.


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