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Royal Tire  Bremer Bank 100 employee participation


The United Way Campaign has awarded both Bremer Bank and Royal Tire for achieving 100 % employee participation within their campaign for more than 10 consecutive years now. Pictured above Chris Nicols from Royal Tire and Chad Drake receive the company recognitions.

United Way Citizenship Award


These employee groups had a 15% or more increase in employee giving for the 2016 United Way Campaign. They offered services to the City of Marshall, Lynd Public School, Marshall Public Schools, Murray County Central Schools, Royal Tire, Service Enterprises, United Way of Southwest Minnesota and Xcel Energy.

Royal Tire is Proud to sponsor United Way's Be The One Video.


Every "Litter" Bit Helps!!

Montevideo Commercial Store employees make a difference in their community by adopting a highway!

Royal Tire Community Clean Up



This year’s Fill the Flyer Food Drive was a record breaking success!
98.1 partnering with Royal Tire and Metro Bus collected over $2,200 in cash donations and over 2,500 pounds of food during the 6 day long food drive.
According to Communications and Marketing Manager, Berta Hartig this year Fill the Flyer collected nearly $650 more than last year and also about 40 pounds more of food than the previous year.

All of the food and cash donations will go to re-stock area food shelves this holiday season.

FB_IMG_1449574106455FB_IMG_1449745684194FB_IMG_1449745715281FB_IMG_1449832882666Washintong County Fair

United Way SW MN

Gold Award for Workplaces with 90-100% of employees pledging to the 2014-15 campaign.
Presented to: Big Stone Therapies - Marshall, Bremer Bank-

Marshall, Royal Tire-Marshall, and United Way of SW MN.


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Team Members Joined with Catholic Charities in St. Cloud to paint a house for homeless teens.


Royal Tire Earns Local Business Award

Published on April 2, 2014 -Tire (reprint).

St. Cloud, Minn. (April 2, 2014) — The St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce has presented Royal Tire Inc. with its 2014 St. Cloud Area Small Business "Family Owned Business of the Year" Award.

The award is presented to a business that has been passed from one generation to another and run successfully by the next generation for at least 15 years, according to the chamber.

Royal Tire was founded in 1948 and acquired by Roger Duininck in 1987. Its current owners, brothers Pat and Paul Duininck, provide retail and commercial tires, service and repairs, and operate two retreading plants in Minnesota.

Paul Duininck officially joined the business in 1979, followed by Pat Duininck in 1984. A slow transition process started, which gathered speed as Pat and Paul pushed for a more aggressive growth plan, the company said.

"We wanted to expand our territory at a quicker pace," Pat Duininck said. "Dad wanted to take things a little more slowly and deliberately. So he decided it was time to sell us the business."The brothers proceeded to make three acquisitions within the first year."That was probably our biggest challenge, even now," Pat Duininck said. "It put pressure on our people, it put pressure on our cash flow…it was really hard. But we worked through it."

Today the company is about three times the size it was when the brothers took over, according to the dealership—growing from about 100 employees, 12 stores, and a business footprint in Central Minnesota to now employing 300 in 26 stores, and a growing footprint that extends from Rochester, Minn., to Williston, N.D., to Virginia, Minn.

The dealership tripled its sales and grew a fledgling wholesale business by 10 times, the company said. Royal Tire sold the wholesale unit in 2011. In 2013 it acquired its third manufacturing plant, located in Rochester, Minn.

According to company President Mick Pickens, what sets the dealership apart is the commitment the Duinincks have for the company to be part of the community and to respect both employees and customers.

"I know it sounds cliché," Mr. Pickens said, "but we're growing because of our employees and the communities we're in. We really feel that our customers are our guests and members of our family. We're repairing our neighbors' cars; our friends' cars."

"Our role is to help our customers, keep them on the road, help our commercial customers reduce their costs and be more successful. When we do that right, it feels really good," Pat Duininck said. "The other important thing we do is employ 300 people. Giving employees an opportunity to grow and be successful is a great result of being in business."

United Way of Central MN Luncheon

(March 13, 2014)

Royal Tire was nominated for two awards, Best in Show and Best Volunteer Event, based on our 2013 United Way Campaign.

Royal Tire was honored to receive the Best Volunteer Event Award for painting the Boy's and Girl's Club gymnasium.

New Ulm's Royal Tire Exceeds Expectations

Craig and Jason moving some cans for the Humane Society.

The mission statement for Royal Tire in New Ulm reads: To Exceed the Expectations Of Our Guests, Employees And Community EVERY DAY, and that is exactly what they are doing in the eyes of the Brown County Humane Society.

People from the New Ulm area have been dropping off aluminum cans at the Brown County Humane Society for years. The donations have always been appreciated, but there was the problem of bringing the cans from the site to New Ulm Recycling. That is where Royal Tire comes in.

On March 1, Royal Tire manager Craig Carstensen and employee Jason Thompson took the time to deliver three pick-up truckloads of aluminum to the recycling center.

“This is something that they have been doing monthly," said Gerald Woodly, Brown County Humane Society co-chair “It takes two people from one to two hours to transport the cans."

In 2013, the can recycling totaled almost $2,300. That is a lot of trips for the guys from Royal Tire, and a lot of food for the adoptable pets at

The Brown County Humane Society is thankful to everyone who drops off their aluminum cans for the shelter.

The Brown County Humane Society is thankful to everyone who drops off their aluminum cans for the shelter.

the Brown County Humane Society.

If you get a chance, stop by Royal Tire and thank Craig and Jason for helping to make south central Minnesota the envy of others in Minnesota. You guys certainly are exceeding Expectations!

Royal Tire is located at 1604 Westridge Road in New Ulm, to learn more about them, click here

To learn more about the Brown County Humane Society, click here

(Photo's Provided)

Heart Attack Survivor Tracks Down Those Who Saved His Life

Published by St. Cloud Daily Times. Sunday, February 17, 2014 - Reprint

Survivor's search leads to Royal Tire Lead Tech Tom Martins

One of the last vivid memories that Rich Thies has from Aug. 13 is dialing 911 on his cellphone to report his own heart attack. The 48-year-old from Otsego was dying outside a St. Cloud business. He had a complete blockage of one of the three main arteries in his chest and a 95 percent blockage of another. Without immediate care, that combination is typically fatal, and swiftly so.

'I think I'm having a heart attack'

A hydraulic repairman for Pirtek, Thies was at Landwehr Construction in south St. Cloud that muggy August day for a service call. Late in the afternoon, he got into his company van to head home. The air was heavy, the region in the midst of a stretch of mid-80s to mid-90s heat. As he was leaving the parking lot, he began to feel hot, a searing shot of pain running through his chest. He pulled over on the driveway leading out of Landwehr, thinking a little cool air from his air conditioning would make him feel better. "It didn't," he said. "It kept getting worse. It felt like someone was standing on my chest. A very intense pain. And I remember thinking that this isn't good." He made a call on his cellphone. "911, what's the address of your emergency?"

"Uh, I'm in, I'm in the Landwehr, Land- Landwehr's driveway," he struggled to say.

"I think I'm having a heart attack."

'Thank God that someone saw him'

The man driving the 250-ton crane back into Landwehr at end of the work day happened upon Thies, who was outside his van and waving his arms. Cory Lewellin rushed over to him and took the cellphone. Weeres felt a sense of relief. "Thank God that someone saw him,"

Thies remembers passing his cellphone to Lewellin, a man he had met on previous service calls for the "big boy" crane that Lewellin drove. A second man who stopped by to help remembers seeing Thies pass the phone to Lewellin. It wasn't long after that when Thies dropped to his knees, then fell to the ground, face down.

'He just went whoosh'

Tom Martins is the lead store technician at Royal Tire in south St. Cloud. He was at Landwehr that day to drop off a vehicle that had been serviced at Royal. He was heading back to the shop when he saw Thies and Lewellin at the side of the driveway. He thought they were just talking until he got closer and realized that Thies was in distress. He saw Lewellin take the phone from Thies. "He was still alert and talking," Martins said of Thies. "He was standing up. And moments after that he just went 'whoosh.'"

With Thies on the ground and Lewellin on the phone with Weeres, Martins helped roll Thies over and make sure he was still breathing. Thies was convulsing and trying to get back up on his feet. He was breathing, but struggling. "We just kept checking his pulse and doing what she told us to," Martins said. "And then he got there."

Who helped?

Thies knew, even before he was discharged from the hospital, that he had to find the strangers who saved his life. "That was my goal," he said. "I had to find out who all helped."

He has made it a mission to meet everyone who helped him. He has shared hugs and vows to take each one to dinner as a small sign of his thanks.

Three months removed from his heart attack, Thies still didn't know that Martins was the second Good Samaritan who stopped that day to help him. He knew Elness was the officer because Elness stopped at the hospital to check on Thies after surgery.

It was during a return trip to Landwehr that one of the employees recalled seeing a Royal Tire truck there that day. He suggested that Thies check with them. That's when it clicked for Thies. He raced to the business and walked into the lobby of the service department. He didn't need any tires, he told an employee, but he did need a little help. Thies walked into the service area and up to Martins. "He asked if I knew who he was," Martins said. "I said, 'Yeah.' It was shocking."

Martins had been scouring obituaries in the paper for two weeks, expecting to see a notice about the man he tried to help but who he was certain had died. It was almost as if he was seeing a ghost the day Thies walked into his shop.

"I'm just speechless about the whole thing," Martins said. "Wow, was that a shock."

The system worked

Thies jokes that his wife is in love with three people who aren't him — Elness, Martins and Lewellin. The couple is adamant about showing their gratitude to the strangers who saved Thies. And most of them wouldn't have known he had made it had Thies not sought them out to thank them. Once a patient is taken to the hospital, an officer doesn't necessarily follow up on the patient's outcome.

When Weeres hangs up with a 911 medical call, it's rare that she finds out what happens to the patient. She called the whole ordeal a "beautiful chain of events that ended up in a great outcome."

"It's nice to see the system work right." And for Thies, a new lease on life also comes with a debt to the man who saw him in distress and was the first to stop and help. He'll never be able to repay Lewellin and the others adequately, he said.

"How can you repay someone for saving your life?"

Royal Tire employees and company give generously to United Way

The 2013 United Way campaign was a great success at Royal Tire, with employees pledging over $25,000 for programs supported by United Way of Central Minnesota. Financial pledges from the campaign are used to "create a powerful engine that lifts citizens of our region to higher and healthier standards of living" through community services dedicated to addressing the community's most critical human service issues.

Royal Tire was among a select group of community partners that provided matching funds for employee donors who increased their donations this year. With these matching dollars, the total pledged by the company and its employees exceeded $34,500. This reflects an overall campaign increase of nearly 20% from the prior year.

Over the three-year period since 2011, the funds raised for United Way through Royal Tire's annual campaign have more than tripled. These results help demonstrate that we are living our Mission, which calls us to exceed the expectations of our community every day. Congratulations, and thank you!

Marshall store supports United Way with 100% participation

Royal Tire is a strong supporter of the United Way of Southwest Minnesota. Every employee of the Marshall store contributed to the $988 total, and the Royal Tire corporate office made an additional investment of $200 for a total campaign donation of $1,188. Congratulations!

from January 2014


The Operations Team volunteered at Southside and Girls Club on October 7, 2013.

SouthSide.jpg SouthSide2.jpg

Several Royal Tire employees attended the United Way annual meeting on Thursday, September 19, 2013.

UnitedWay1.jpg UnitedWay2.jpg

Several Royal Tire employees volunteered on United Way Day of Caring on September 26, 2013.

UnitedWay.jpg UnitedWay_2.jpg


For 2013, Royal Tire invested $29,136.74 in our local communities through employee contributions and corporate donations to United Way.

In addition, each employee has the opportunity to take a day off from work with pay to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choice.



HumaneSociety.jpg NewUlmVol_2.jpg

AnnaMaries.png photo.JPG 4.JPGphoto.JPG 100_0742.JPG photo.JPG 7.JPG


FA_LOGO_4cp.jpgIn December of 2012, Royal Tire of Alexandria collected 500 lbs. of goods for the local food shelf!

Royal Tire - Womens Advocates Event in Virginia 066.jpg DSC01265.jpg

In May of 2012, Royal Tire of Virginia held a grand re-opening and fundraising event benefitting the Range WoMen's Advocates: Working to End Domestic Violence group. During the two day event, the store raised $1,200 for the organization.


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